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Powered by a globally recognised and award winning consultancy, Propel Consult Limited, Propel Workforce  are the champions of providing intelligent automation solutions to small to medium-sized businesses across Europe.

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What Would You Do With An Extra

The First All-In-One Managed Automation Platform

We Maintain You Gain

Propel Workforce is a digital assistant built from non-intrusive technology that sits on your work system. It performs repetitive, rule-based tasks while working around the clock and with 100% accuracy.

Time Saving Truck


Works 24/7 365 days saving you time

Customer Prioritisation


Instant customer feedback



Error-free processing

Propel Culture

Happy team

Allows your team to focus on value-add activities

Propel Workforce provides a cheap, scalable automation option that will allow you to drive productivity while maintaining your resource-intensive and repetitive tasks.
We allow you to have more time to focus on your customer. With our unique approach, we will maintain
while you gain. We're on a mission to allow work to be more productive, fun and innovative.


You know best

We will not pretend to know your business better than you, we understand that to truly help you we need to sit down with you and take the time to know your business and all the little intricacies that help it to run.


One of our discovery specialists will spend time with you (or your preferred stakeholder) and ask a number of questions to gain the required knowledge of the task that Propel Workforce will be performing moving forward.

RPA Process Discovery
RPA Developer


Our developers will take the information from our discovery specialist and begin building your personalised Propel Workforce. We use technologies called robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to build this Workforce.


Our developers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in building digital workers and we will ensure that your digital worker fits seamlessly into your business.


At Propel Workforce we take care of everything so you don’t have to!


Once Propel Workforce is in place we will manage and monitor from a distance ensuring that your digital worker is performing exactly how and when you need.

RPA Managed Service